NASCAR - Borgbilly Style

Well there ain't nothin quite like watchin them boys go round and round on a Sunday afternoon...

Here we go with another season of high speed bump and grind and you can bet that I'll be more than happy to lend my biased and highly opinionated view of the sport as it unfolds this season. Just to set the record straight, Rusty Wallace is the race car driver of choice for 007 of 009. Of course the other members of the Collective do not necessarily share my views. Sin-D likes the man in black (Dale Earnhardt) and little Stee-Vin kinda prefers Mark Martin. All the same you can bet things get a little chaotic in the Borgbilly Cube Base when the Winston Cup Race is on.


March 21, 1999 - Darlington
Oh boy - shame and dispair. Rusty's got handling problems (again!). Rain delay part way through the race. They start racing again only to be red flagged at just over half way through, just about the time Jeff Burton  (the leader) gets tangled up in a mess of crashin cars. Jeff had just enough car left to make the caution laps and take the victory before the race is called. Kudos to Burton for holding it together.

Coming next week - Texas Motor Speedway

Yeehaw - it's comin to my home town and I'm about the luckiest guy in the world. A few weeks back I offered to record some songs for one of the guys at the agency and he offered me his seats in the Luxury Suite!! Just goes to show, it ain't who you know....

Tune in next week for a live blow by blow from the Borgbilly!

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