Borgbilly: A brief chronology of the Borgbilly Collective

1961 - Mark Murray is born to Virgil Orville Murray and Alma Janice Murray at West Texas Hospital, Lubbock, Texas.

1961 to 1971 - Watched Star Trek, Vietnam War, hippies, drag racing.

1972 - Got a Radio Shack 100 in 1 Electronics Project Kit. Used it to design my first cyborg implants while listening to Hendrix, Iron Butterfly, Blue Cheer, and The Doors.

1973 - Discovered the electronic music of Walter Carlos (Wendy nowadays I reckon), Synergy (Larry Fast), Stockhausen, Emerson Lake and Palmer. Became intrigued with the electronic music synthesizer. Started piano lessons. Got way into Hi-Fi gear.

1975 - Got a Yamaha console organ and a funky old Vox amp. Built some big, stupid speaker cabinets. The whole thing stood over six feet tall. Started trying to form a band (oh boy).

1976 - Got my first synthesizer, a Roland SH-3a. Started building PAIA synthesizer kits and using the spare parts to expand my cyborg implants. The bands started lasting more than a couple of weeks.

1978 - Studied high school electronics. Worked as music manager and jock for the school radio station. Used stock parts from the radio station and school to further enhance cyborg implants. Played my first gig for money with a band called "Live Wire". Began my assimilation of the Lubbock music audience by force feeding them massive doses of Gentle Giant, Yes, Gong, Zappa, and Brand X over the airwaves.

1979 - Studied music composition at Texas Tech University. Assimilated the T.T.U. electronic music lab (ARP 2600, TEAC 4 track reel to reel, mixers, old Revox's, etc.). First real serious original band, Dune (Mark Matos, Tom Blackburn, Johnny Ray - later replaced by Alan Lawerance).

1981 - Studied audio engineering at South Plains College. Assimilated recording studio (MCI console and tape machines).

1982 - Started work with Cisco Sound Co. Assimilated the concert sound industry (lots of old Community horn loaded stuff and BGW amps). I've got the bad back to prove it.

1984 - Started work for Don Caldwell Studios, Lubbock, Texas. Assimilated Don's studio (MCI console and tape machines, Lexicon 224, some old LA-2A's, good mic collection).

1984 to 1987 - Worked as audio engineer for Caldwell, started teaching at South Plains College, got pretty serious with a band called "Asparagus Nightmares" (pretty much a revamp of the band "Dune").

1988 - Assimilated the Borgbilly family units Sin-D and Tay-Ter. Started making moves toward putting in my own studio at Caldwell's place (Mark Murray Productions - Loads of MIDI stuff and some light duty digital edit gear). Played with the greatest cover band of all time, "The Warren Commission" with Bob McLane, Tom Blackburn, Kevin Powell, Richard Barnett, and Sin-D).

1989 to 1992 - Independent engineer/producer/composer/technician/live sound/cyberhick/red-tech/instructor. My position as an instructor allowed me to assimilate a great number of young, aspiring audio engineers into the collective.

1992 - Started the band "Mesquite-O-Bytes", a red tech, cyberbilly, fusion band with Kevin Powell, Tom Blackburn, and fellow cyberhick audio engineer, Alan Crossland.

1993 - Sin-D gives birth to Borgbilly family unit Stee-Vin. Started becoming a big NASCAR Winston Cup Fan.

1995 to 1997 - "Mesquite-O-Bytes" evolves into "The Point" with Curtis Peoples replacing TB, Jayson Ferguson replacing AC, and the addition of David Downum.

1997 - Completed assimilation of Lubbock, Texas and left it to be marshalled by fellow cyberhick Alan Crossland (Digit-Al) and the rest of the Lubbock crew. Moved to Dallas to work as Project Manager for an A/V systems integrator. Realized that Dallas needs to be assimilated or destroyed. Started moving more Borgbilly drones into the Dallas area (Kevin "Molasses" Powell and Jayson "Gascoyn" Ferguson).

1999 - Current mission, build and operate a recording studio for The Richards Group. Continue assimilation of Dallas, Texas.
 The Borgbilly Collective. That's me, 007 of 009 (pronounced naught - naught - seven of naught - naught - nine), wife Sin-D, daughter Tay-Ter, and son Stee-Vin.

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