Welcome to the Borgbilly Collective


Whew doggies! Ya'll c'mon in. Welcome to the Borgbilly Collective, where you'll find a whole mess a assimilated jawin' about synthesizers, an' recordin, an' NASCAR racin', an' music, an' complex cipherin, an' such.


This area is dedicated to many personal musical endeavors and, the people, influences, and situations that made them possible. You'll also find links to some cool music sites.


Audio Engineerin' and Techno Stuff

This is where you'll find all that long winded jawin' and pontificatin' on the subject of audio engineerin' and it's associated technologies.


I just love those crazy little piles of circuitry. Just thinkin about them I get this lump...

... excuse me while I get a drink of water.

NASCAR Winston Cup Auto Racing

Here it is folks. Borgbilly's poop on the NASCAR Nextel Cup Racing Season. Lotsa links and personal rants and raves about the greatest competitive sport in America!

Borgbilly Links

The Murray Family Page  Sin-D's assimilated jawin's about crochetin' an' geneaology an' stock car racin'.

Borgbilly Chronology  My own accountin' of the life of an over educated hick cyberbilly audio engineer.

Whelp! Sure hope you good folks enjoy yourselves now. Drive careful. Resistance is futile...Ya Hear?


If you have comments or suggestions, email me.

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