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This is where all the real self indulgent stuff of my borgbilliness resides. Here's the place to be to get an excessive overdose of musical jawin' to the Nth power. You'll get a thorough look at select musical projects I've been a part of and the West Texas music culture that shaped them. I'll try to include as much bio information as possible on the key players. I will also try to include an area devoted to some key musical influences.

The Hall of Musical Gods

Gentle Giant - First and foremost holy of all bands. These guys were the supreme gurus of clever musical songcrafting within the restraints of a rock band and have probably done more to influence my music than anyone else. Check out anything they've got, but notably the stuff from about 1973 to 1976.

Frank Zappa - If you don't know who this guy is, how did you get here?

Emerson, Lake , and Palmer - Keith Emerson is the guy that made me feel good about playing keys and never learning a lick on guitar. Welcome Back My Friends... is one of the greatest live albums ever recorded. Don't forget Brain Salad Surgery. By the way, they are back with a fairly recent release, Black Moon. It lacks the fire and glory of the old stuff, but the production and engineering are excellent.

Brand X - An obscure british fusion band featuring Phil Collins. These guys took the jazz influence in rock music to the next level, sort of a Jimi Hendrix meets Miles Davis thing. Everything they did was just plain mind boggling! The only questionable release was Product. This album was the only B-X album with vocals - at least on side one. I think they got frustrated with the process, tied a gag on Phil, and proceeded on with instrumental business as usual on side two (shut up and play drums damnit). John Goodsall is an absolute guitar virtuoso and partner Percy Jones is one of the most inventive bass players of all time. Check em out if you know whats good fer ya.

Kate Bush - Truly one of the most emotive songwriters of our time. Her albums are innovative on both the technical and artistic sides. "The Only One" from The Red Shoes is one of the few songs that can make me cry. Mix that one with Never Forever and Sensuous World and you've gat a pretty good cross section of her work.

Terry Allen - I'd never heard of this guy until I started working with him. He did a lot of his recording work in Lubbock, Texas at Don Caldwell Studios in the 80's and early 90's. He is absolutely one of the most bone jarringly honest artists I've ever met. My most memorable image of Terry Allen: walking into a late night recording session and seeing Terry in the studio seated at the piano with a carrot tied around one of his fingers for a splint. It didn't seem to affect his playing much.

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