Macrocosmedia Established

In 1985 Mark Murray and the band, Asparagus Nightmares established a very small record label called Soft Landing Records. The label was little more than a logo with a phone number. Through the efforts of Tom Blackburn (Asparagus Nightmares' guitarist) the label established a consignment arrangement with the local Hasting's Records stores. Within four months the label was working with it's second band, Gemini Intense of Amarillo. With the two bands working in tandem the label was able to keep most of the record stores in Lubbock and Amarillo stocked with Soft Landing product. When the two supporting bands dissolved a year or so later so did the label.

Nearly ten years, and a lot of hard learned lessons later, Mark Murray and Alan Crossland are launching another small label called 'Macrocosmedia'. This label is designed as a vehicle for the distribution and promotion of West Texas alternative entertainment media. This label differs from the traditional record label in that it will work with not only music, but also video products. Macrocosmedia is also interested in other forms of entertainment media such as comic books, computer software, and interactive multimedia. The label currently doesn't have the funding to back projects. All products slated for release through Macrocosmedia are funded by the individual artists. The main objective of the label is to serve as an information nexus for consumers who wish to purchase local entertainment products.

The first release on the Macrocosmedia label will be the debut video album from Radio Pictures entitled 'Kaleidoscope'. Radio Pictures is a collaboration between video artist/musician Kent Duren and electronic musician Mark Murray. The tape features fourteen video music pieces. The video tape should be available to the public by March 28th. The next product release will be the debut album from the local 'rock'(?) group Mesquite-O-Bytes. This album should be available by April 28th.

Future releases will be announced but projections point toward a release from local rock band Monkey Wrench Cafe early this summer. Macrocosmedia is also negotiating the release of an album from local rock band Grand Jury. For more information and to become a member of our mailing list please write to Macrocosmedia, 1214 Avenue Q, Lubbock, TX 79401.

Or please email Mark at:

Macrocosmedia Presents: The One,Two, Double Punch Album Release Party.

Macrocosmedia is proud to announce the release of two new locally produced cassette albums, the self titled debut album from Mesquite-O-Bytes and the self titled debut EP from Monkey Wrench Cafe. Macrocosmedia would like to invite the public to The Kitchen Club Saturday, June 11th for a live performance from the two bands. It is guaranteed to be an evening of the most innovative, original music to come out of West Texas. Both tapes will be available at the show as well as the Radio Pictures video tape. Radio Pictures will be shown on the club's video monitors prior to the performance of the two bands.

Monkey Wrench Cafe would probably be the resultant offspring if King Crimson ever decided to breed with Primus. Their music is energetic and innovative with a lot of groove potential. Their EP is a collection of six pieces recorded at Don Caldwell Studios and South Plains College and produced by Monkey Wrench Cafe and Mark Murray. Monkey Wrench Cafe is: Curtis Peoples - guitar and vocals, Mike Lewis - bass and vocals, Trent Parker - drums.