Celebrate with us!

The Borgbilly Collective

We don't smoke anymore!



And we're never going to smoke, ever again!


If you want to quit smoking, there are lots of great resources for support. I quit by using a combination of Chantix and behavior modification. Chantix isn't for everyone, but it was a life-saver for me. It took away the cravings enough that I was able to modify my behavior and develope better, healthier habits. The prescription came with a great online support website, daily emails and a lot of great activities that helped me break the habit.

I also joined a USENET Newsgroup when I quit smoking. It has been a great support to me. You can access it from any newsgroup reader, including Mozilla (easy), or you can read it via Google Groups (more difficult).

alt.support.stop-smoking (AS3) Newsgroup

Some members of the group have set up a daily trivia game to help combat craves, challenge our brains, and while away the hours. Feel free to join us!


I recently learned about two other great sources of information, inspiration, and incentives:



The American Lung Association

I urge you to check out these great websites and to take those first steps toward becoming tobacco free. I promise, it will be the best decision you ever make for yourself. I know it was for me!