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Here are a few photos of some of the people mentioned in my Daniell family lines. Some of these photos are quite old, so please forgive the quality of the images. Also, some of these photos can't be identified, so if you know who any of these people are, please let me know!

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Isaac Denson Daniell

This second portrait is not an actual photograph, but a hand drawing, quite possibly from the first portrait. I have not seen the original drawing, and I do not know who the artist was.

Isaac was born in Newton County, Georgia in 1833 to William H. Daniell and Mary ("Polly") Melton. The family moved to Arkansas some time before 1850. In 1853, he married Falba Grubs in Columbia County, Arkansas. His second marriage was to Elizabeth Burket in 1861, Columbia County, Arkansas. During the Civil War, Isaac served in the 26th Arkansas Infantry, Company G along with three of his brothers. Isaac moved his wife and children to Texas sometime between 1870 and 1872. They lived in Hopkins and Franklin Counties. Elizabeth filed a Confederate Pension application in Brown County, Texas. The pension record indicates that Isaac was buried in Franklin County, Texas. Isaac was my great, great, great grandfather.

Elizabeth Burket

I know notihing about this photo except that it is supposed to be of Elizabeth (Burkett) Daniell as a younger woman.

This picture is also a hand-drawing, based on the following photo of Elizabeth and her son, Luther. I do not know who the artist was, but I assume it was the same person who did the drawing of Isaac.

I have very little information about Elizabeth. I have the marriage record from Columbia County, Arkansas, and census look-ups that show the couple living with her mother, Mary. The Hopkins County, Texas Census for 1880 lists Isaac's wife as Elizabeth, age 36, born in Louisiana. I have no death or burial information, but my cousin, Bill (also a researcher of this family line), found Elizabeth's application for Isaac's Civil War Pension, which was filed in Brown County, Texas. Family lore suggests that she was a Native American, possibly Cherokee or Choctaw. Her portrait certainly suggests such.

An interesting side note, I was in the copy shop one day with my notebook, making copies of family charts for my grandmother. I keep a photocopy of Elizabeth's portrait in the front zipper pocket. Another customer who came in noticed the portrait and said, "I've seen that picture before." We then proceeded to have a lengthy discussion on genealogy. The woman told me that she thought she had seen the photograph in a Mills County Texas Historical book,"A No Mans Land Becomes a County". After leaving the copy shop, I went through all my research and found that several of Telitha's grandchildren lived in and around the Mills County area. Mills County is next to Brown County, so it is reasonable to assume that the picture the woman remembers could indeed be my Elizabeth. The book is not available through inter-library loan, and I have not been able to acquire a copy so that I can check. If you have this book or access to it, I would be ever-so-grateful for a look-up!

This is Elizabeth with her youngest son, Luther Daniell.


Rachel Alice Daniell

This is a photo of Rachel "Alice" Daniell and her family circa 1899. Seated are Rachel and her husband, William Franklin Bradley. The children are (from left to right): Charlie, Mary Jane, Minnie (rear), Una Mae, Floyd (in lap), and Jesse.

Rachel Alice Daniell and Ruthie Agnes Daniell, twins, were born in Arkansas in 1870. Around 1872, Isaac Daniell moved his family to Texas. Alice married William Franklin Bradley, a drayman, in Hopkins County, Texas in 1886. Some time around the turn of the century, the Bradley family moved to Indian Territory, Oklahoma. Two more children, Emmitt and Emma Lee, were born there. Emmitt and Charlie died in childhood while the family was in Boswell, Oklahoma. Her husband, William became ill in 1908 and also died there. Shortly after William's death, the family moved to Texas. The tale of their life after the move to Texas is told by Emma Lee Bradley (my great grandmother) in her memoirs.

Rachel's second marriage was to Bill Dickey on August 18, 1910 in Archer County, Texas. I have no information on Bill Dickey except the few details given in my grandmother's memoirs.

This is Rachel Alice, known in our family as "Granny", with her oldest daughter, Minnie. Minnie married Charles Martin Jackson in 1906.


Emma Lee Bradley

This is Granny (left) with my great grandmother, Emma Lee. Emma Lee was about 16 years old in this photograph.

This photo is of Emma Lee with her sister, Una Mae. They look so much alike I can barely tell them apart!

William Nathan Thacker

William Nathan Thacker was born in Jack County, Texas on January 7, 1896 to William David and Cornelia Elizabeth (nee Hash). He entered the military July 14, 1918, training at Camp Travis, Texas. He served with the American Expeditionary Forces from September 22, 1918 until January 31, 1919.

Nathan married Emma Lee Bradley in Dickens County, Texas on October 18, 1924. They had three children: Minnie Opal, Nina Jo, and William Darrell. They lived in Idalou, Texas at the time of his death in 1980. Nathan Thacker was my great grandfather.

Other Family Members

Jesse Denson "Bub" Bradley

Affectionately referred to as "Bub", Jesse Denson Bradley was my great grandmother's favorite brother. Born to William and Rachel Bradley in 1890, he was 16 years older than Emma Lee. Jesse married Gerturde Laura Swaringen.

William Radford Daniell

The back of the photo says the following (no corrections to spelling or grammar):

When this you see remember me

Whil I Am Far Far A Way.

I Am living for Jesus

Shoe this to the Girls and if they likeit I Will send them some

W. R. Daniell

Levi Daniell Family

This is a photo of Mattie "Daisy" Scott, wife of Levi Daniell (Rachel's brother). Also in the picture are four of their five children: Pete, Lena Mae, R.C., and Maude Daisy ("Pud").

Do You Know These People?

I have several other photographs of people I cannot identify. I knew who some of them where at one point in time, but my notes are very sketchy, and I've forgotten what they meant. If you can identify any of these people, please email me!

The back of this photo says, "To Aunt Alice". It is signed "Tobe Smith".

I believe this family may be that of Aggie Glenn (otherwise known as Ruthie Agnes Glenn).

The woman in the bottom right corner looks just like a female version of my dad when he was young, so I'm guessing this might be a picture of his grandmother, Jewell (Hetterly?) O'Neal.

Another little tidbit my grandmother had tucked away with these photos was this obituary. It caught my eye because of the name Luttrell. My first husband's mother's maiden name was Luttrell. There is no date on the obituary, but I believe it was clipped from the Lubbock Avalanche Journal (Lubbock, Texas). My grandmother found it among my great grandmother's things. Neither of us have any idea what connection this person has to our family.

If you have information on any of my family lines, please email me!

We might be cousins!

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